Thoughts about the wizard of oz and real life….

I just had an out there thought, someone out there may have had it before. But I’m not worldly enough to have come across it.

It’s relating to what they were hunting for and the modern world. There was the lion that wanted courage. In the modern world you only need to be with others long enough for courage to rub off on you!?! E.g. The brave armed forces, police, firefighters, ambulance etc….

Then there was the tin man after a heart. Modern surgeons can now replace a heart via donated hearts.

Then there is the poor old scarecrow. He needed a brain. Now I don’t think this is possible with modern surgery yet.

I can relate to the scarecrow, I suffer with bdp, or enomtionaly unstable personality disorder. The book says there is no fix for it with or without pills. The pills are for subsidiary affects like anxiety, depression, sleep disorder etc…No amount of therapy will get rid of it. You can only try and manage it as best you can. I managed 34 years on my own before I knew I had it. I got pushed over the edge. In little over a year that I knew I had it I have had 5 attempts on my life, one end in a coma for 5 days. Every day since I wake up and my first thought is coming round in a&e at my most vulnerable. It does not leave me.

Please spare a thought for others with mental health issues, we do not want it, and we can’t get rid of it. We do not want to hurt others. We continue to suffer inernaly so others around us can be happy that we are still here.

How hard it is to loose someone via there own hand, how life distroying for others. Please remember that inside the head of the one that is lost, the pain/ distress maybe have been to much to bare.

If you know anyone with mental health issues please don’t think ” ooo I better stay out the way” just a smile, or even a hi is sometimes enough to keeps us going.

Many thanks for your time xxx


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