Getting the new wing cut for 13/7 wheels…

So the wings, a panels and front end are on, welded and de-seamed. Next is to cut the arches so the larger wheels can fit with no rubbing.

First I line up the rubber arches and bolt them on finger tight. 8mm drill. Then pencil line the inside with about 10mm spare. Then unbolt and get the angle grinder out and chop off around the line. Then test the gap with wheels on and dropped to the floor, try full lock both ways to see if it rubs. For me it did on the left arch, so re cut and a hammer later all fits fine.

So now I bolt on arches fully and I scuff them with 60 grit sand paper to key up for the fibre glass to stick. Long stick prosess but there will be no splitting on the join to the body work.

Once the fiber glass is dry it filler.then the block sand down with 80-120-300 grit paper. I’m not worried about tiny pinholes at the moment as I will spray with primer filler first, block sand and then do the pinholes, spray again and flat back ready for spraying the colour!!! 😬

Oh yes while I was at it I did all the front panels too.

Feels free to ask questions leave feedback or comments 


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