Coming off duloxetine….

Ok so I was on 90mg daily for a year, then 60mg for a month, then 30mg for the past 2 weeks. No problems there. But the doc said take 30 every other day for a couple then stop. So I’m only into day two of none and some weird stuff happening! I have tingles in the hands, if I move my eyes to quick I get dizzy! If I am walking along and say there are trees blocking light, when the light flickers through on off on off I get a feeling of my head going back and forth rapidly!!! It puts me off my balance a bit. I can be standing and I feel 8ft tall and feel I’m lurching over things in an arc. Some sounds make me twitch a bit. I also have a feeling of being a coiled spring ready to explode and scream out ahhhhhhh!!!!  Disassociation with where I am and body parts, it’s all weird like I’m tripping lol.

Anyone else have this???

I hope not but I hope some one has so I’m not the only one 😁


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