I knew it was going to be a grotty day!!!☹️️

You know when your awake but not? First thing in the morning normally an hour early, your awake but can’t open your eyes, not that you want to. And your in and out of sleep like a yo-yo. Then when it is time to wake up you have the mother of all headaches and your sensitive to sound and lights. 

That’s how it started this morning! Then you do meditation and neck your morning meds plus ones for the head. Just try anything to change the course of the day. It took all the effort I had to be as happy and non snappy because my and my wife went to a big shopping centre for clothing and Christmas ideas. 

I ran out of puff by about 1pm and was getting aggressive to myself on the inside which was showing as lack of enthusiasm on the outside. I didn’t mean it but I was beating myself up about feeling low and not wanting to spoil the day all morning and then just gave in! I had no more fight left. I felt chilly and wanted to go home, tired and all that jazz!

On the way home I fell asleep on and off, woke up and was at home. Had a cuppa tea then went to get my meds from the pharmacy, there was one wrong and missing ( again!! Been like this since June!!) picked up my son and he had ” the case of the megaphone voice ” (3rd time today) got home dinner was ready but the stress of everything was high and felt sick but hungry but couldn’t eat. So waited for others to finish then went upstairs to bed for a bit.

Woke up about a hour and a half later with a face full of dribble!!!! Nice. Went downstairs and everyone went upstairs as its boys bed time. Heated up my dinner and had it, it feels exactly like this morning in a ground hog day style 😖 oh and to top it off my joints and back are aching too. It’s like a fever but it’s all down to stress. 

Not a happy bunny as I thought I had got rid of these types of days!!!  Anyone else had days like these??? Would love to know if you do


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