Over done it….

Woke up today and was really sluggish, I wanted to just go back to bed as body and mind ( not sure if it was more the mind) just didn’t want to start. So I kept whipping my self till I got in the garage to carry on with the mini. It was cold and wet, I forced myself at every point until 4pm. Then I came inside and just dropped. Had my bath and dinner, bit of tv, noticed my throat was drying and swelling, joints aching, my withdrawal symptoms of eye movement = dizzyness and brain shudder got so bad that when I blinked it felt like my eye muscles pulled on my brain which pulled on my spinal chord which pulled my butt all the way up to my eyes, how freaky is that!!!! 

Only after a power nap did this dull down. It is a bit worrying as it feels like this eye business is the bit just before a fit of some kind, as in if the shudder bit lasted much longer I would then have a fit???  I think I have only had one when I was drunk and tried a legal high before they were off market ( silly me) 


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