1st time topcoat 

Just rubbed down the underside of the bonnet and wiped clean, popped on the heater as it’s really cold. I have never sprayed a top coat before so didn’t know what to expect. So charged up the compressor and mixed up the top coat colour. Started spraying and all seemed ok, then as I looked I thought I need to get in all the nooks and crannies. So I tried getting in there. Thought great I got it all covered !!! So I popped out had a drink and had a peek back in. Oh no I had runs where I got in the nooks!!! 
So I tried blowing air on them and spreading it. No joy, so I wrapped a wipe round a screwdriver and rotated while dabbing the main part of the run. Worked quite well so left it for another 15mins.
I decided to just paint 2 more coats so when dry I can pop a small amount of fine fill Over the run, then just before it’s fully set I can get 400grit wet and dry paper and sand it down through the run drip, and take the filler around it down till it’s gone, then the theory is the drip has gone flat and the filler has protected the paint around it. Then just polish it out!!! 

Go to my restoration page to see pics…..


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