Off duloxetine now 

After nearly two weeks with no duloxetine all the weird things have gone!! One thing I have noticed is that I’m a bit “short” or “frank”with people. Not always in a bad way though. I seem to have a shorter fuse which I need to learn to control as this is new to me. I don’t Lash out, just seem to have a voice. In a way of why should I put up with bullshite!?!? Once I have had enough, I have had enough! Because I have been on them for a year and citalapram for 6 years plus before I can’t remember what I was like before them, so it’s going to take a while before I stabilise. Maybe I will be someone new???? Let’s hope so, as if you were looking back to be that same person you will only be ill again somewhere down the line because whatever you did before didn’t work! 

The one newer side affect however is my belly!!! Anytime I think I will go to the loo I seem to also need a tommy tit!! So I seem to be loosing weight quite fast. Too much info I know. Before my big episode I was 10 stone and could never put weight on ( not for lack of trying) anything that went in got burnt off  just by passing my lips!!! When I had med changes and add to I went straight to 12.5 stone. That’s around 78/80 kg. I’m 5ft10 and I’m in the right weight range, but when at 10stone I was well under! Looks like I maybe there again soon??? 

Watch this space


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