How can this happen?

I spent all last night cutting out stencils so I can spray some wooden Christmas trees today. I went to work happy with myself and………. I forgot the stencils!!!!!! All that time cutting out with a small blade with OCD cutting on the line all the way round and I darn forget them!! Grrrrrr but my don’t panic side kicked in and thought I’m coming back later. So I got them second time round and popped them on and went to spray them and…….. nothing!!! The last lot that used the rattle spray cans didn’t turn them upside down and spray till clear. So I had to clean the cap and tube etc and then it started to work. 

Am I the only one to forget something, then rectify the issue to then have something else go wrong related to the forgotten subject????? As if someone is telling you not to do what your doing? Lol

Love to hear about it


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