How easy focus of work gets out of hand

Once again I have jumped straight into my old habits. I am only employed to do 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon, I found myself pitching in for a further 3 hours. I knew I wasn’t going to be paid so it wasn’t for the money, but I felt they needed the help! They didn’t say can you help I just assessed the situation for myself. The rational side of the brain ( the smallest incy wincy bit) said I should just go. But the BDP side ( the huge bit ) said oooooooh they could do with help!!! So that’s what I did.

They were very grateful for the help and happy. Now I feel I could have done stuff at home or get the garage ready to spray the mini. Also my ankle is starting to go again as I’m walking 1000% more than usual, so I have my support back on again. Think I need stiff boots again to minimise this getting worse. It feels like I am slipping back to my old routine and habits which in turn might cause a rerun of the past year and few months. I need to put the brakes on I know but it just naturally happens and I can’t control it. It feels like I’m a magnet to things that need doing for others but not for me or my family, then that causes problems at home, which I understand, but it doesn’t register as an issue till it’s to late. I can’t control my brakes and need others to help me at this moment to just apply them until I can work this out. Hope someone can help!! I don’t fancy another catastrophe so soon.


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