The One drop of alcohol…

I have had no alcohol for about a month and a half and all has been OK so I thought I would have a drop. I had about two doubles = 2 home measures!😉 didn’t feel drunk. The next morning however I was super grumpy and very within myself. I did miss pregabalin and mirtazapine but I had missed them before with no affect. The drink affected my sleep, I had nightmares at the point before I was awake and still asleep, which was horrible because I knew I was nearly awake but I couldn’t do jack all about it. 

It took all day to right my emotions and had to go to bed at lunchtime. By the time the late evening came I was fine. So from now on I will stay away from it. I used to be able to drink 75cl any night and never felt like this. Just goes to show how unstable I can be??!!

The next morning (today) I feel I can take on the world!! Very strange. So when they say stay off the drink it really does work, but it’s the idea of not fitting in with “normal ” people around me makes me feel a bit down. Ho hum……


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