Challenged my thoughts and here is the result…

So I challenged my thought process on Tuesday and it is now end of the day Thursday and I have now solved it. Since my last post I have tried to forget about it with doing other stuff. But my brain has obviously been still processing the problem and working out how to solve it. All of a sudden as if by magic I came up with the solution! From nowhere. I have decided to get them to help clear the floor and strip the coating off, then we have to let it dry. Then the solution to my problem steps in!!!!

I will go in on my own and reapply the floor coating on my own! And do it the way I have looked up (about a thousand time over the past month) that way I won’t have anyone looking at me putting in there ten pence worth and cocking it up. Now it should go well as normally anything I research and try goes well 😉 the only problem is there are two ways of doing it, but there are 4 ways of using the pads that are in stock. But I have looked at the manufacturers web site and looked in detail and printed of the data sheets and cross referenced everything and narrowed it down to two ways. Then looked at the floor as it is and decided to coat it with the mop method and let it dry, then have the second from softest pad to spray and buff the second coat to level and compound it flat! Given that it sounds like it has only been done in two days over Christmas in the past then left for a year with no buffing or recoating. This seems to cover all angles as it will have one thicker coat plus a thinner one to level the imperfections. And during the year I will spray buff in the holidays. We may not need to renew it for two years?

I will let my boss know tomorrow and see what she says. Just shows how my brain doesn’t switch off and this is most probably the reason why I end up not well. I just can’t switch off no matter what I do. Because it consumes the lager part of my brain I struggle with the lesser things, which to me causes more of a problem because the lesser things are more important to me. By lesser things I mean the basic stuff like washing, cleaning, cooking, family things etc…… it’s all a bit backwards if you ask me, and upsetting, even though I can’t cry and let it out. I’m like a robot, just scanning and computing, problem solving. But can’t solve myself☹️️


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