Odd and frustrating 

It’s really odd as I’m sitting in the cold in the house we rent. The plumber has come to fit a radiator in the kitchen and all of downstairs is upsidedown with tools etc…. I went to work this morning and hoped he would be done by 12-1pm. Mum came to house sit and make sure the dog was out of the way. I came home and the radiator wasn’t on the wall still lol. I couldn’t make lunch as couldn’t get in there, so I went to the shop for a sandwich and drink. I now feel trapped in my own house and can’t do anything. 

I used to do things like plumbing and general building. I had worked out how I would of done it and said to my landlord ” do you want me to do it to save some money etc..” he said no I want to have it done by this company as it’s a rental house. So I thought no that’s 😎. I worked out I would be done by lunchtime worst case scenario. It’s a bit frustrating not even watching this poor chap doing it as I want to dive in and help/takeover to get it done. The worst of it all is he is doing it the same way I would of but it’s at a snails pace. 

 But on reflection it’s made me look at how I used to work and how much pressure I put myself under in getting the job done as fast as possible and as higher quality as possible. Looking at him he is blindly happy doing his job and at that speed and seems to have no internal pressure on himself or external pressure from his phone ringing all the time ( like I did when self employed) it’s a shame I can’t work like that. I would love to just bob along doing my thing without a care in the world. I can’t stop this speed thing in my brain. It just has this need to get a job done asap but not skimping on quality. The pressure I put myself under is huge, and for no reason at all.

I need to work on this area of my thoughts as it would help so much! Because if I could sort it out then my stress level would reduce which would leave my less uptight about things. ( sounds like I need some pot lol ) (( not really)) is anyone out there that can help or guide me in the right direction?? 

I don’t know if I’m born that way or if I’m brought up that way? It’s all a bit baffling and frustrating.

Amendment: I got home and found the radiator wasn’t getting super hot. So got the radiator bleed key and pliers out and went round them all. Found out he didn’t open any of the valves all the way to let the air flow out so it was all trapped!!! 5 minutes later I got loads of air out, topped up the water pressure and bingo!!! All super hot and fast. Just have to now over the next few days turn the return valves down 1/4 turn at a time until there just right. Glad I didn’t pay that’s all I would say. But glad it is done. 


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