Trump’s acting like a teenager NOT like a president!!!

I can’t believe nobody has taken trump aside and said ” stop acting like a teenager, and start acting like a president!!!!” 

If I was in his shoes and wanted to run a country ( not that I would) I would cool down on the twitter and social media front. And stop being so rude quite frankly. I know he has a lot going on and a lot of people saying stuff that may be right or may be wrong. But to just blankly saying your wrong a 1000 times and your fake your news is fake a 1000 times as to make everyone believe it the more he says it. It seems the more he reacts to it the more it becomes an issue?!?!? I kind of think if he just took it on the chin and sorted it out quietly in the background he would get more support from the non believers???? Instead of just packing a punch on social media and making things a bit more childish?

Makes you just hide behind the sofa waiting for the next stupid comment to flow out of his twitter account!! Lol

( I know I am doing a similar thing here but IM NOT THE PRESIDENT)

I promise not to rant on trump from now on! Just get back to my mental health topic.


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