Sound track to my new life……

Ok so I went to the cinema with my lovely wife and a trailer for the new film Logan came on. One I like the x men films and two the Johnny cash cover song of nine inch nails “hurt” accompanied it. Any one that has not heard it must listen to it!!!! It pretty much sums up BDP ( to me anyway) pain is real, everyone goes away and I will make you hurt lines are so true!!! Well pretty much all the lines are so true, so much so it made me shed a tear as soon as I downloaded it and played it back. The nine inch nails version didn’t at all. There almost two different songs!!!! 

This in turn made me want to cut myself again etc….. but I held off. So it’s a warning to anyone a bit fragile don’t listen to it until a bit better! Seems a pointless post but here it is. Take care and be safe everyone xxx


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