Who’s that in the mirror?

For some time now I have had a disconnection with that person that is supposed to be “me” in the mirror. I don’t look in the mirror much at all but when I do I always think ” who is that, surely that’s not me” there is the odd time I scan round the old face of mine and look myself in the eye and think ” god, I got to put up with that” or ” really ” this in turn makes me think about who I am etc…..

But shorty afterwards I see to snap out of it and go to the auto pilot default mode which is do as I’m told, don’t have an opinion and try not to upset anyone. It makes for as normal life as I know, minimal stress and little shouting etc….. ( hate having a barney with my lovely wife) I have never been one to worry about what I wear and how I look, so never needed to look in the mirror, maybe that’s why I don’t recognise that person in the mirror? Maybe I don’t want to except that person I see? But maybe it’s a cognitive thing?

What I mean is when I was at school there were odd things that my brain had problems taking in, like I thought back in the day when cameras where black and white I thought humans eyes only saw black and white! I mean how random is that???? I only thought we went colour when the cameras did!!!! It took a long while for my little brain to take it in. lol that’s just one of a few stupid things my brain had problems changing my view on things.


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