At the starting gates

I have just come out of a course on ” better parenting ” it’s only week two but I am realising I’m not a bad parent, just have a rabbit in headlights feeling. This is all to do with my insecurities due to my breakdown. I have a high anxiety over everything at the moment. This course maybe my way of gaining reassurance that I’m doing the right thing as a parent and a husband. This should be a good foundation to my new strange world that I’m now living in.

I hope this builds up my confidence and resilience to the external world. I just need to find my way to the right job and life that I want to have/need. I’m unsure as to where this will lead me but I feel I’m at the starting gates or at the plane door ready to jump. The anticipation is intriguing to me. It feels like I’m just waking up to life and what it holds in store. Or what I can do with it. The hard part is where to go next? 

I will have to look into it and see what comes up. Here is to next time…..


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