Does everyone have ….

Does everyone have internal jibber jabber? I’m not talking a bit here and a bit there but, full on, constant, never ending own voice, various volumes, questioning and doubting, pushy and quite disturbing type? I don’t really remember before my break down but now it is very noticeable. The day to day stuff doesn’t really bother me much, sometimes it just confuses me when I’m trying to listen or do something. It’s just when it’s going over an anticipated/made up scenario in my head and it leads down a dark road I then get visions of that scenario over the top of what I can really see. That’s when I start thinking okay…… best keep it under my hat. I’m only putting it out there as one particular one keeps popping back. It is not as disturbing to me as the first three times but it is still as vivid as the first time. 

I have noticed when I read or write my inner voice says the word I’m reading or writing about three times or so a bit like this, I look at a word, it says the word, I read the word, it says the word again while I’m looking at the next word, and it says the next word then I say the next word…..etc. But sometimes it trips me up as it repeats a word or it says the last word as I’m just about to say the next one or the one after that!!!! God it’s hard. That’s when I have to re read it a few times !!!!!! Lol it drives me bonkers.

Oh also add a very high pitch tone I hear all the time, even in a sound deadened ear test booth!!!! You can still hear it over a reasonably load tv. Maybe I am bonkers after all😉

Would love to hear if you do/don’t??? ( no pun intended) 


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