Black Friday vs My Little World…

I totally forgot it was black Friday today! I don’t tend to think straight and put 2 & 2 together properly. It’s as if I have two brains working that never talk to each other. On the one hand I ordered my wife a present on black Friday, I had an email reminder to do […]

Blindly going on…

Its been a while since I have been on here and thought I would update. I have been doing well in everyone’s eyes including mine. Just going along with everything and doing my best. I have had less ups and downs than of late so I thought things are getting back to how they used […]

Does everyone have ….

Does everyone have internal jibber jabber? I’m not talking a bit here and a bit there but, full on, constant, never ending own voice, various volumes, questioning and doubting, pushy and quite disturbing type? I don’t really remember before my break down but now it is very noticeable. The day to day stuff doesn’t really […]

Revisited my blow up today….

So my day was going great and was just a standard day. I got home from my part time job and started building cage panels for a chicken cage. I finished one I started earlier in the week and started another. Thought I better make a cuppa. I noticed some post at the door and […]

One of my wheels came off today!

So lately it seems I have finished “riding the highs ” as they call it and I came to a low today. I have been struggling bit by bit to keep the momentum going to be honest so it wasn’t much of a surprise, but it was the depth that shocked me. I was at […]

At the starting gates

I have just come out of a course on ” better parenting ” it’s only week two but I am realising I’m not a bad parent, just have a rabbit in headlights feeling. This is all to do with my insecurities due to my breakdown. I have a high anxiety over everything at the moment. […]

Oh what to do?

Ok, so it seems like my recovery period is well on its way. And now instead of looking back I am starting to look at where I am now with a little peek at the future! In my mind it should be a good thing, but every time I look forward I get a bit […]